Trezor Suite update October 2021

Product updates

Install version 21.10.1 by opening Trezor Suite and following on-screen instructions.

An update for Trezor Suite, version 21.10.1, is now available. Simply open the Trezor Suite app and follow the update prompt to complete the installation process.

While Trezor Suite has long been more powerful than the old Trezor Wallet, this update introduces some final features that had not yet made it into Trezor Suite. Now everything that Trezor Wallet could do, Trezor Suite can do, too — plus loads more!

Namely, the outstanding features introduced in this update are Sign and Verify and opening payment links in Trezor Suite. Czech has also been added to Trezor Suite’s supported languages for testing as a beta version and further improvements have been made to the in-app user guide.

Download Trezor Suite for free from to get started today.

Sign and Verify addresses

This feature is most relevant to miners and anyone who needs to prove ownership of a particular address. Sign and Verify lets you use your Trezor to provide cryptographic proof that an address is under your control. In some jurisdictions providing evidence of ownership is a requirement for withdrawals from exchanges, and it is common in pool mining to claim accrued funds.

Signing a message from a crypto address you own

To sign or verify an address, open Trezor Suite and navigate to the account you wish to verify. Note that some coins do not support sign and verify. Once on the account page, choose Sign and Verify from the three-dot ellipses menu next to the Trade button.

On the Sign and Verify page, use the Sign message tab to produce proof of ownership. Simply type a message to sign and then select the address to sign it from using the dropdown menu. Once both are set, click Sign to generate the signature.

Confirm the message and address using your Trezor. The signature this process creates is a unique string of characters that can only be reproduced by using the keys to the address.

All three pieces of data are needed to verify the address, so make sure to copy them all. You can copy them directly from the dialog box, or simply click Copy in the top-right of the page to copy a standardized output that looks like this:

This is a message

Messages can be signed using any available address and each address can be used as many times as needed.

Verifying a cryptocurrency address

To verify that a message was signed by a given address, switch to the Verify Message tab, paste the message address and signature details into the corresponding boxes and then click Verify.

If the signature is correct, the signing address and message will be shown on your Trezor and a Success notification will show in Trezor Suite.

If the signature is invalid, an error notification will appear:

System settings and payment links

To optimize the individual user experience in Trezor Suite, some settings can now be adjusted based on local system settings. This means that language preferences and the application color scheme can now automatically change based on global preferences.

Trezor Suite has now also implemented Bitcoin Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) as defined in BIP-0021. This allows users to have Trezor Suite open automatically when clicking on a bitcoin payment link. Enable Trezor Suite to open bitcoin links by clicking Agree when the banner prompt appears.

Next time you click Pay with Bitcoin, Trezor Suite will open and show the payment details in a notification. Either manually copy the details as usual, or navigate to the account you wish to pay from and open the Send page and Trezor Suite will offer to autofill the payment details.

Czech language Beta

Continuing to improve the translation process of our Trezor Suite translation project on CrowdIn, this month we are releasing a Beta version of Czech language. As a Czech company this is the natural next step following the successful August release of Spanish, with many more to come in future.

The Czech translation of Trezor Suite was largely the work of one contributor, so many thanks to Foxikk for lending their time to the project!

Localization is essential to making bitcoin accessible, so we’re committed to making Trezor Suite a global app. If you would like to contribute to translating Trezor suite into your language or improve an existing translation, simply sign up for an account at CrowdIn and join the Trezor Suite translation project. We will be working on introducing more languages to Trezor Suite so get set up today and help make security more accessible.

Cybersecurity talks

The first scheduled Twitter Space talk about Modern Encryption and Bitcoin takes place today at 8PM CET / 11AM PST, with guests Adam Back and SatoshiLabs Co-Founder Pavol Rusnak.

It will be the first of three public discussions covering the state of cryptography and questions surrounding cybersecurity as it relates to Bitcoin. Make sure you set a reminder and tune in, and don’t forget to prepare your questions for a Q&A following the talk!

For more information about Cybersecurity Awareness month and Trezor, have a read of our latest blog post, Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrency. The full program of Twitter Spaces can be found in our Twitter announcement below.

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