Okay, Probs Dumb Question

Complete Crypto-Noob here.

have recently started researching Ethereum for potential to make Dapps and integrate them into Gaming Applications (Am Game Design Student).

From what I understand about Dapps, they use contracts to execute functions on the Ethereum virtual machine. Contracts charge gas per atomic code operation.

Fundamentally that means that you can run code safely on anyone else’s computer. That got me thinking: What about hosting servers?

Now let’s ignore how costly this idea is, because the amount of gas to host a server is probably insane right now on a proof of work system (though I have read a few articles on Proof of Stake, which sounds like it could potentially bring down gas prices to a level where this might be possible)

But if Gas Prices fell low enough, would it be possible to design a set of server architecture to host a remote server without having to rely on centralized and oversighted services like Azure/Aws/etc?

I know something similar happened with the web, wherein you can host websites on the Ethereum blockchain, but would a full-on server be possible with the right architecture?

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