Blockchain Team at Bitpanda: Meet Marius Ciortan, Head of Engineering

Blockchain Team at Bitpanda: Meet Marius Ciortan, Head of Engineering

Blockchain engineering to the rescue! Read our post to find out how blockchain engineers at Europe’s most innovative fintech work towards a common mission through the eyes of Marius Ciortan, Head of Engineering.

Could you tell us about your start at Bitpanda?

I started in November 2019, not long before the pandemic hit Europe, and happily joined a team way smaller than it is today to take part in our growth journey. At the time, Bitpanda had a team of 4 Engineers. Today I am working with 2 different teams of more than 20 people.

What does a blockchain engineer at Bitpanda typically do on a daily basis?

Each day is different at Bitpanda for Blockchain Engineers, but volatility around the market and unforeseen events can make any day even more exciting and fun than usual, that’s for sure.  So, let me walk you through a regular day as a Blockchain Engineer:

  1. Grab a coffee/virtual coffee with your colleagues
  2. Read messages & catch up
  3. Read a couple of news feeds to stay up-to-date with development in the blockchain industry
  4. Look into the tasks for the day
  5. Join the daily meeting with your colleagues to share status/progress or to identify any blockers
  6. Plan, schedule and start coding

Common daily tasks might include:

  • Working closely with the Technical Product Owners and other colleagues to commit to tasks for the current sprint
  • Fixing potential errors and bugs
  • Applying node updates
  • Monitoring our services

Why did you choose Bitpanda?

I saw this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting, fast-paced company and industry. Everything felt like a match from the beginning, from the people I met during the interview process, to the challenges they presented me with before joining. All in all, I am super happy that I decided to join.

Where do you see blockchain engineering one year from now?

Thrilling days ahead! I am very happy to be working on building our Blockchain Research & Development Hub. I believe one year from now, our Distributed Blockchain team will have many great members who want to work towards Bitpanda’s mission of facilitating blockchain technology growth.

Thank you

We’re on the lookout for those fast-moving, talented, “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-it-happen” kind of people who want to build Bitpanda with us. If you’re someone who thinks big, moves fast and wants to make an impact right from day one, check out our current blockchain position and apply now! We’d love to have you onboard for an amazing journey ahead. Let’s go!

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