Ethereum Ledger Bridge Not Working for Me

Hello fellow Ethereans, I posted this in the Ledger subreddit and someone else said they were encountering the same problem so I wanted to come here to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

My Ethereum transactions are not registering with my ledger device. I’m an advanced user (just no programming experience) and I’ve done the following steps:

– ledger settings: contract data ON

– manually had to open open ledger live bridge (previously it was always automatic), open Ethereum app

Yet, every time I try to send a tx on MetaMask nothing happens. The transaction just sits in a queue but I never get the “Review transaction” notification on my ledger so I’m unable to approve the tx. I can’t speed it up or do anything else since the tx hasn’t been approved.

Can anyone help? I’m using chrome but it was suggested I use firefox. Anyone else have ideas on this? I thought MetaMask was only safe on Chrome but I may be mistaken. Thanks.

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