Trezor Suite update August 2021: ¡Ahora en Español!

Product updates

Install version 21.8.1 from within the Trezor Suite desktop app.

An update for Trezor Suite, version 21.8.1, is now available for both desktop and web apps. Big news this month is the option to enjoy Trezor Suite in Spanish, which you can take part in improving, alongside other refinements to user experience.

To install the update simply open the Trezor Suite desktop app and the autoupdater will guide you through the process.

Download Trezor Suite for free from and get started today.

What’s new in Trezor Suite 21.8.1?

Spanish beta

Thanks to the effort of a dedicated contributor, FrankyFFV, Trezor Suite can now be used in Spanish, bringing us closer to the many Trezor users in Spain, Latin America and across the globe. Spanish can be enabled in Application settings under Language. Remember, it is a beta translation and is still being tested so you might find improvements to make — scroll to the end of this article to learn how to contribute to the Spanish translation.

More languages are planned for the future, so keep an eye on our blog for details. With Spanish, Trezor becomes more accessible to the many users in Spanish-speaking countries, including El Salvador, where Bitcoin recently became legal tender, and the many countries hoping to follow their lead across South and Central America.

El Salvador Needs To Understand The Bitcoin Network

Everyone should have the right and ability to generate and store their own cryptocurrency keys without worrying about security. Using a Trezor hardware wallet with Trezor Suite in Spanish lets a whole new group of people save bitcoin securely while preserving privacy and independence, a trend which will continue as we add more languages.

New way to add Accounts

Adding a new cryptocurrency account has been made easier through a redesign of the Add Account modal. There is now a two-step process that confirms which coin to add and what type of account to create, if more than one are available.

As shown above, the aim is to make it easier to see what accounts are active and simplify the process. Note that Ethereum now more clearly displays that it is also used for ERC-20 tokens, to help settle some confusion. To use an ERC-20 token, go to an Ethereum account and click on the Tokens tab.

Custom firmware

Expert users are now able to install custom firmware onto their device using Trezor Suite. This is an advanced procedure and could lead to loss of coins or issues with your device, so it is found under the Danger Area in settings. Do not use this feature unless you have the expertise and a good reason for doing so.

Avoid installing any firmware that has not been released as part of an official update from SatoshiLabs. Firmware updates are always announced on our blog, newsletter and social media and the signature is always verified by your device.

Trezor Model One bootloader mode

When running a firmware update for the Trezor Model One (from version 1.10.0 onward), your device will now automatically reboot into bootloader mode to make the update process quicker and easier. Bootloader mode is a special state for installing and verifying firmware and was previously only accessible by holding down the device buttons while connecting it.

Contribute to the Spanish beta

For this update, we have opened the Spanish translation project to contributors from the community. If you speak Spanish and would like to take part in making Trezor Suite more accessible for millions of people, you can add translations directly to the Trezor Suite CrowdIn project.

Trezor Suite translations in Crowdin

Using the link above, you will be taken to a landing page with instructions on how to use the CrowdIn to suggest changes to the Trezor Suite app copy. To proceed you will need to first sign up for a CrowdIn account using an email address.

Follow the steps provided and see how easy it is to add suggestions and corrections as you use Trezor Suite. Make a better Bitcoin experience for everyone and head over to the translation project now to join in.

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