Where to buy Splinterlands: SPS up over 100% after private token sale

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NFT game Splinterlands sold 6.6% of SPS tokens this week, leading to a 104% rally today

NFT-based trading card game Splinterlands successfully raised over $3 million via a private token sale this week, leading to a rally of over 100% for the newly issued token. 6.6% of the total supply was reported to have been included in the sale, and the tokens were bought up by crypto venture funds as well as other game studios and incubators.

Keep on reading to find the best place to buy Splinterlands today, and to learn more about the project.

How & where to buy Splinterlands in the UK and elsewhere

Splinterlands has just launched its SPS token, meaning that investors who buy now will be among the first to ever have SPS in their wallets. If you want to start trading cryptocurrency today, sign up with one of our partners below, fund your account, and start investing. All of our recommended platforms are fully regulated, meaning you can sleep soundly knowing your funds are in safe hands.


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What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands brings trading card games into the 21st century. Cards are minted as NFTs (nonfungible tokens), meaning players can truly own digital cards in the same way they would physical ones. Splinterlands aims to further improve upon current digital card game offerings by introducing a play-to-earn system where players earn crypto rewards depending on their in-game performance (almost $300,000 in tournament prizes has been awarded).

The recent token sale, worth more than $3 million, shows that interest in the game is high. Splinterlands’ SPS token, also known as “Splintershards”, will be used to vote on governance proposals in the games ecosystem, as well as to access special in-game promotions and events.

Should I buy SPS today?

SPS is rallying hard at the moment due to its recent launch. Some investors may want to wait for the hype to die down, whereas some may look to capitalise on the current momentum to squeeze out further gains. Token launches have historically been both good and bad times to invest.

As a long term prospect, however, SPS looks like it has potential. Each token currently costs less than $1 ($0.79), and if Splinterlands becomes as popular as some other aspects of the NFT and blockchain-gaming ecosystem, SPS tokens could become invaluable assets in the future. Believers in the NFT revolution will certainly want to consider buying SPS today.

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