SkyBridge Capital By Scaramucci Will Launch Private ETH Fund

SkyBridge Capital by Scaramucci considers launching a private ETH fund and also plans on applying for an Ethereum ETF as we can see more in our latest ethereum news today.

Skybridge Capital by Scaramucci is awaiting for its Bitcoin ETF application to be reviewed by the SEC. The hedge fund of former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci plans to launch a private ETH fund for its investors. Previously as we saw, in January it launched a $25 million BTC fund that will apply to the Securities and Exchange Commission for an Ethereum ETF. New York City-based SkyBridge Capital is one of the many high-profile companies which applied to the SEC for a BTC ETF. The company manages $7 billion in assets and applied in March so it is now waiting for a review of the application.

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An ETF is a popular investment tool that allows people to buy shares that track the prices of an asset. This can be anything from real estate to foreign currencies so an ETF will allow the investors to put their money in crypto without having to own the crypto themselves but only shares of it. A Bitcoin or an Etheruem ETF doesn’t exist in the US because the SEC refused to approve one. The Commission aims to protect the retail investors from potential harm with the price still being prone to market manipulation. But there is an appetite for a product among investors and analysts previously said that it is likely one will launch in the US this year given the changes at the SEC. In Canada, there are four BTC ETFs and four Ethereum ETFs that are trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

When they launched, they are extremely popular but have since seen a huge outflow of funds as the entire market lost value. Just a week ago, Bitcoin ETFS in Brazil and Dubai started trading on their stock exchanges. SkyBridge Capital is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm and its CEO who was fired 10 days before becoming a communications director of the White House, said that he is now only focused on Bitcoin.


As reported recently, The $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin that Tesla did is only a portion of Musk’s total crypto holdings according to Skybridge Capital’s Scaramucci. Tesla made a $1.5 billion investment in BTC in less than a third of the total crypto reserves held by Musk and his companies according to Anthony Scaramucci.

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