Trezor Suite update: Onboarding and RBF by output reduction

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An update to Trezor Suite, version 21.6.2, is now available to download for all supported operating systems.

A new update for Trezor Suite is ready to download, implementing some additional changes ahead of July’s official launch date. This is a minor update but it does introduce some new features which you can try out for yourself right away. This release is not critical to the security of your funds.

Update now by opening Trezor Suite and following the autoupdate messages, or download Trezor Suite from the official page,

The most noticeable changes in this update are a brand-new Onboarding that ensures newcomers get the most out of their device — especially in terms of security and privacy — and an improved replace by fee (RBF) setting for Bitcoin transactions that increases the fee by reducing the output amount being transferred.

Get started with easy onboarding

For new Trezor users, we’re flattening the learning curve with Trezor Suite. The onboarding process which launched in this latest Trezor Suite update will make it quicker and easier to get started securely using your wallet.

Condensed into a simple ten-minute tutorial, the Trezor Suite onboarding process is intended for absolute newcomers as well as those who have used a hardware wallet before, to make sure all security boxes are checked and all key features are covered whenever using a new or reset device.

The onboarding will install firmware, back up recovery seeds and set a PIN.

Eager to learn more? Simply download and install the desktop application, plug in your Trezor and get started!

Use RBF when sending max balance

The RBF feature, added to Trezor Suite in February, lets you increase the fee spent on a bitcoin transaction, speeding up confirmation times without overpaying. Today’s update brings more utility through output reduction, which lets users bump the fee by taking the extra fee from the amount sent to a recipient address, if there are no funds left in the account to add to the fee.

With RBF, a sender can be more conservative with fees — now they can do the same even if they spend the full balance held in an account. When moving all the funds from one account to another address for storage, this feature helps save precious satoshis without needing to worry about the transaction getting stuck in the mempool for days.

RBF is enabled by default, so you can start using output reduction as soon as you’ve updated.

RBF by output reduction and regular RBF transactions may sometimes need to be turned off. Regular RBF is not accepted by merchants who rely on unconfirmed transactions for quicker service. RBF can be turned off before sending, or pending transactions can be Finalized.

It is best to use output reduction only when sending funds between your own addresses or when a precise payment is not expected. Otherwise recipients may not be paid the full amount requested.

Countdown to Launch

It’s now less than two weeks until Trezor Suite is officially launched so please take the time to take it for a test drive if you haven’t already. Even if you’re a long-time user, help us improve by trying out the onboarding experience or moving funds with RBF, and let us know what could be done better.

Exploring the app and sending us constructive feedback will help roll out the best user experience for everyone, so please use the in-app feedback form under Learn & Discover.

Soon Trezor Suite will be the main portal for managing your crypto, so stay tuned for the next big update on July 14, help find bugs and leave feedback, and remember to spread the word to anyone who needs to rethink how they secure their cryptocurrency.

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