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No matter how you store bitcoin, finding a way to make a secure backup of your wallet has long been a problem. Writing down words on a piece of paper is the bare minimum and has obvious flaws.

There are better ways to back up your wallet: use a more durable material for your seed, or split the seed using a secure method. The Shamir HODL Pack lets you do both.

Limited to just one hundred bundles, the Shamir HODL Pack includes a Trezor Model T, so you can use the SLIP39 standard, Shamir Backup, to generate a new Shamir-based wallet on the included Trezor Model T and store your shares across five Cryptosteel capsules. These durable metal cylinders preserve data on stamped metal tiles, ensuring it stays intact over a long period of time.

What is Shamir backup?

The Trezor Model T was the first hardware wallet capable of creating Shamir Backups, which reduce the risk of losing your seed. With Shamir, choose how many shares to make and how many are needed to restore your wallet. Based on Shamir’s Secret Sharing, this method lets your wallet be restored even if not all shares are present.

Shamir Backup – Our newest security standard | Trezor

With the Shamir HODL Pack bundle, the recommended method is to create five shares with a threshold of three needed for recovery (a ‘3-of-5’ setup). This way, as many as two shares could be lost or stolen without affecting the security of your funds. The Shamir system is very flexible and you can create up to 16 shares if necessary.

What should I do with the shares?

Once you have set up your Shamir backup and transferred each of the 20-word shares onto a capsule, they should all be hidden somewhere completely separate from each other for safekeeping. These should be places with different postcodes, which only you have access to, behind lock and key.

Shamir backup mitigates the single point of failure of regular BIP39 recovery seeds, but the shares should be treated just as carefully to benefit from the added security. Make sure you plan your storage strategy carefully so you can access the required number of shares in a reasonable timeframe when you need to.

Why use a steel backup?

Cryptosteel capsules were designed specifically for storing crypto wallet recovery seeds, so they’re designed to be efficient and discreet in solving this particular security problem. They are resilient against many threats such as corrosion, floods and fire, and are easy to transport and use discreetly.

Once the seed words are threaded on the metal core, there’s no need to take them off to read back the words. This makes it easy to avoid onlookers while also being more convenient during the recovery process.

Benefits of Shamir backup

When using a distributed solution like Shamir backup, one removes the single point of failure. Keeping shares in different locations means an unlikely yet possible crisis such as a house fire would only result in the loss of one or two seeds — Cryptosteel capsules are fire-resistant and may still survive the blaze — while the others remain accessible in different locations and allow you to restore your wallet.

With Cryptosteel capsules, there are more options available for storing each share. They will fit into crawlspaces, can be built into walls, or could even be buried in the ground if you can ensure the area is well-secured and not likely to attract attention. The key to good seed recovery is knowing you will be able to read back your words even after lying untouched for several years’.

Inheritance planning
Shamir backup also gives you a way to safely pass your bitcoin to your next of kin through an inheritance plan, without the risk of losing control while you are alive.

As with protecting your seeds for your own use, protecting them for inheritance is mainly about deciding where your seeds will be stored. If you are planning to pass your keys on to someone else, there are a number of setups that will work for different people.

An example of one inheritance-friendly scheme is to keep two shares (assuming a 3-of-5 setup) stored securely on the property of two different yet trusted people, and the others in a bank vault, home safe or other location that can be secured while you are alive but will be accessible through legal means after you die.

Shamir Backup

This way, your trusted custodians have no way to access your funds but your next of kin can be directed to them in your will, contact the bank for access to your vault or simply access your home safe. By keeping the locations secret, you can prevent anyone from recovering the seeds until you choose to reveal the secret in your will.

This is much safer than simply leaving your seed words in your will as many places publish such documents as public record, which would reveal your seed to everyone.

Smarter cryptography for better security

The Shamir HODL Pack is the most convenient way to take bitcoin security to another level. By removing the single point of failure of a standard recovery seed, it becomes easier to store them safely while also providing redundancy against theft, loss or damage.

Thanks to the hard-wearing Cryptosteel capsules, you can hodl for the long term, safe in the knowledge your shares will survive whatever the future throws at them. Get a Shamir HODL Pack to secure your holdings and let your savings grow safely, ensuring you can still access them many years from now.

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