Trezor closed beta has ended

Trezor beta wallet and related links now redirect to Trezor Suite.

With the upcoming launch of Trezor Suite, the closed beta program has been temporarily suspended. The beta version of the Trezor web wallet, previously found at, and the Next wallet, are no longer accessible and instead all links to the beta wallet will now redirect to the public version of Trezor Suite,

Trezor Suite

All those who participated in the closed beta program by testing new, experimental features have been invaluable in making Trezor Suite easy to use, responsive and reliable. The ongoing public beta will continue until July 14, when the production version of Trezor Suite will officially launch. In the near future, new features will be made available for testing through an opt-in Early Access mode that can be turned on through Suite’s settings.

All features which were successfully tested in the closed beta are now part of the public beta version of Trezor Suite. That means other beta wallet services such as the Ethereum wallet and other coins supported by the beta are no longer accessible there: instead, users can add accounts for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies through Trezor Suite. Ethereum ERC20 tokens can also be added and managed directly within the Ethereum account.

Trezor Suite is also available as a web app

Trezor Suite is available both as a desktop app and as a web app, so you can simply access it through a browser if it’s more convenient. Some more advanced features such as the Tor switch are only available through the desktop version, but other standard functions are available online. Make sure you use a compatible browser, such as Chromium, for best performance.

Using Trezor Suite as a desktop app provides greater isolation from threats such as phishing, while also being easier to verify the code. If you intend to use the Suite web app, always double-check to make sure you are on the official URL:

Trezor Suite

Through the web app, you can securely send and receive transactions, add new accounts to manage different cryptocurrencies, tokens and addresses, and make use of Bitcoin features such as locktime and RBF. The web app is automatically updated to the latest version as updates are released, so you can start using new features right away.

What’s next for beta testers?

Participants in our closed beta program have contributed so much effort into improving Suite for the wider user base. Now that the program has ended, we will spend a few months working solely with the production version of Trezor Suite, before launching a new Early Access mode which will enable all users to test new features ahead of their official implementation.

Early Access will allow users to download pre-release versions of Suite, giving our userbase the opportunity to try out new experimental and potentially unstable features while they are still being improved upon. This will provide more thorough testing and greater feedback than the closed beta program, while remaining entirely optional. An announcement will be made at the time of launch with more information about Early Access and precautions to take when using the features.

You can review the upcoming features planned for Trezor Suite on our project roadmap:

Build software better, together

In the meantime, please take the time to familiarize yourself with Trezor Suite, and use the feedback tool to submit bug reports or ideas for improvements. Access the feedback form from the beta button at the bottom of the app or access the form directly.

All feedback we receive is reviewed and used to improve the application through monthly updates.

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