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Trezor Support

Visit to fix common problems, ask questions, and get help from Trezor support agents.

A new customer support resource is now available for Trezor users. Trezor Forum, located at is a public community forum where users can ask questions related to Trezor hardware wallets, Trezor software interfaces, and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To use Trezor Forum, new users will need to create a user profile by providing an email address and a password. For your privacy, it is best to create a new email address for this purpose. Once registered, users will be able to ask and respond to questions by posting new threads in the available categories. The forum can be searched and posts can be viewed without needing to register.

Limiting exposure to scammers

Trezor Forum has been launched in order to eliminate the high volume of scam groups posing as Trezor on Telegram and Reddit. As part of these efforts, Trezor’s official Telegram group will be deactivated. No official SatoshiLabs or Trezor representatives will be available via Telegram.

Anyone who contacts you on Telegram claiming to be a Trezor Support agent or otherwise affiliated with Trezor should be considered a scammer and immediately blocked and reported.

The official Trezor subreddit, r/TREZOR, will remain active for the foreseeable future. Direct messages (DMs) from scammers pretending to be Trezor support are still a major concern on Reddit, so bear in mind that official Trezor support will never DM you first. The Trezor subreddit will continue to be closely moderated and swift action will be taken against any attempt to defraud users.

How to use Trezor Forum

This community forum is meant to be a place to find answers to frequently asked questions and resolve common issues without needing to open a support ticket.

The Trezor support portal will remain in place for those who need one-to-one email support, but we hope that our customers will use the forum to see if they can find answers there before opening a ticket, allowing us to improve our response time to more complex and specific support queries.

If you do not solve your issue through using the forum, you can still contact Trezor support and open a ticket. Support tickets are dealt with in order of submission, so you will need to wait for a response. Do not open multiple tickets for a single issue, it will not result in quicker response, in fact it slows down the process for everyone.

How to Contact Trezor Support

Search before posting
Dedicated Trezor support agents will moderate the forum and answer questions raised by users. Before asking your question, use the search bar at the top of the site to check if another user has asked the same question and an answer has already been given.

You may not receive a reply if you ask a question that has already been raised and answered. Duplicate questions will be removed periodically or merged into one thread, to keep information accessible and easy to read.

Include all relevant information that you can share publicly
If your question is not already addressed or under discussion in an open topic, feel free to create a new topic and ask your questions there. Be sure to include all details that might help troubleshoot your problem, especially if it is technical in nature.

Never share sensitive information such as your real name, location, seed phrase or passphrase on the forum. Other information specific to your issue such as transaction IDs, addresses and public keys should not be shared publicly.

Trezor Support agents may ask for details related to your problem, such as addresses and transaction IDs, or your order token. Only communicate these details by direct message. All official Trezor representatives are identified by a shield icon and a flair describing their role, as shown below.

Remember to be civil and conduct yourself respectfully when speaking with Trezor support staff, or your access may be restricted.

An overview of categories

On Trezor Forum, you will be able to engage with Trezor support staff as well as the Trezor community by posting your query in the appropriate category.

Over time, this should grow into an extensive resource covering any and all facets of hardware wallet and cryptocurrency technology, with a focus on achieving strong security and enhanced privacy using your Trezor device.

Specific questions can still be directed to our personal Support agents by emailing, but troubleshooting your device using the guides posted on the forum may help get to the root of the issue more quickly and in some cases help fix your issue immediately.

Technical and logistical support

Tips and support for fixing issues with your hardware wallet or Trezor suite interface can be found here:

Technical issues

Orders and shipping
For help with an order you can reach out to one of our Community Support moderators by posting a new thread and providing your tracking number. Information about any expected supply delays can be found in this category.

Orders and shipping

Coins and Transactions
Learn more about supported cryptocurrencies and resolve transaction problems such as unconfirmed transactions, and network fees and sending crypto to the wrong addresses.

Coins and transactions

Third-party wallets
For information about how to use Trezor to secure and manage coins through third-party wallets and interfaces. We can’t provide support for other companies’ products.

Third party wallets

Educational resources

For more information about using and securing cryptocurrencies, and general questions about networks, Trezor devices and other miscellaneous questions, check out the following categories:

  • Security
    Learn more about the security tools Trezor hardware wallets provide and how to secure your cryptocurrencies for the long term.
  • Exchanging cryptocurrency with Trezor
    All you need to know about buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies directly to and from your wallet using Trezor Suite.
  • General topics
    A place to read up on information about Trezor and the broader ecosystem, and to ask any questions that don’t fit in the other categories.

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