Trezor Suite and firmware updates June 2021

Product Updates

Download the latest updates by opening Trezor Suite and connecting your wallet.

A new version of Trezor Suite (version 21.6.1) is ready to download for macOS and Linux users. Using the auto-updater, simply launch the app and follow the instructions on your screen. You can also download the latest version directly from the Trezor Suite landing page.

Windows users will be able to download the latest update next week. We will communicate availability of the Windows installer via our social media channels once released.

The latest firmware updates for Trezor devices are also available to download. This includes Trezor Model One firmware (version 1.10.1) and Trezor Model T firmware (version 2.4.0).

To download and install firmware updates simply open the Trezor Suite desktop app and follow on-screen instructions. Alternatively, visit the Trezor Wallet interface and follow the firmware update prompt which appears at the top of the page. These updates are recommended but are not essential to the security of your devices.

Any user who stores Decred on a Trezor Model One should update their device as it patches a hypothetical fee-based exploit.

Trezor Suite: last preparations for launch

If you spent your weekend taking in all the discussions and announcements at Bitcoin 2021, you might have caught SatoshiLabs’ announcement of Trezor Suite’s public launch date. On July 14th, we will be officially releasing Trezor Suite and gradually deprecate the Trezor Wallet interface. Laying the final foundations for this big move, this month’s Trezor Suite update takes some calculated steps toward enabling greater usability.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Suite for yourself, here’s a lightning-fast demo which featured at the conference:

As shown here, the focus is on privacy, security and, tying them together, usability. Featuring prominently in this release is usability — once you have updated your app, you will notice a new lightbulb icon on the right-hand side that gives access to new learning materials.

Clicking on it will open the new Learn & Discover in-app reference manual, explaining the various features and functions bundled in Trezor Suite.

Access this guide through the top-right gearwheel.

For now, the information here is limited to some basic functions: sending and receiving; buying, selling and exchanging using Invity; how to use a passphrase; and an overview of the guide itself.

This resource will quickly be expanded to include many more features, providing an easy way to learn about the app, how cryptocurrencies work, and to look up anything you are unsure about. This should also help prevent our users from falling for phishing websites by keeping information within easy reach.

Reporting bugs and suggesting improvements
As part of the Learn & Discover menu, we have also included an option to easily provide Bug Feedback and Suggestions at the bottom. Clicking on this will allow you to easily provide feedback on any aspect of the application and help us improve the experience for everyone.

Token discoverability
Recently Trezor Suite introduced a simpler way to add ERC20 tokens to in-app Ethereum accounts using token contract addresses. To make it easier to tell if you have any tokens enabled at a glance, some improvements have been made to how tokens are shown in Trezor Suite.

As shown above, your Ethereum account will now clearly show how many tokens are contained within the account directly from the account sidebar. Furthermore, Ethereum accounts now include a separate tab for managing tokens, which lets you easily browse through any tokens which are protected by your Trezor hardware wallet.

Trezor hardware wallet firmware updates

While both Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T devices have received a firmware update this month, the improvements that have been made are mostly technical changes that do not introduce any major changes to the functionality. Rather than dive into the technical details here, please refer to the corresponding changelogs to review the latest changes for yourself:

Please note that changes made within the firmware often take some time to be implemented within Trezor Suite or Trezor Wallet. Support for a feature in the firmware does not necessarily mean it will be immediately available through your preferred user interface within the same update cycle.

Bitcoin-only firmware

Bitcoin 2021 was a great reminder of the importance of Bitcoin within the broader ecosystem. Regardless of your stance on cryptocurrencies in general, the industry would not be where it stands today without Bitcoin. That is why Trezor has always put Bitcoin first, while still recognizing the innovation being spearheaded by other projects.

Bitcoin-only firmware is always provided alongside regular firmware updates and is available for both Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T hardware wallets. If you do not use other cryptocurrencies and would prefer a more minimalistic experience, you can choose to download Bitcoin-only firmware instead of the multicurrency firmware through Trezor Suite and Trezor Wallet.

Follow this guide to install Bitcoin-only firmware on your device:

Bitcoin firmware

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