How etherum saved my life.

So I’ve been having struggles with money for all my life . Been strictly with one bank and used it ever since I was born. I recently started to branch out saving because they didn’t have any interest rates on my savings account .

Along the way I got way into crypto. I have strong feelings about Eth, positive ones. And so I put a majority of my money in ETH. Which seemed risky at first. But I thought hey, it’s pretty good to have some money off the grid so to say.

Well today it payed off. The bank has had problems with purchases from a month ago and it put me in the mud. I’m currently -200$ in my fiat bank and couldn’t even start thinking about paying it back. But..

I still have my etherum. That they couldn’t touch because of errors on their side. And that etherum is the one thing that’s paying for everything right now. Food, housing , the whole deal. I don’t know why more people don’t believe in crypto, but when I get my salary at the end of this month I think it’s time to invest more into this. It just seems logical. (After clearing my debt ofc)

Just thought I’d share my positive experience with ETH. 🙂

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