Everyone who bought ETH using trust wallet this is important, we need 2FA

Even if you bought on another service please read

Go to support trust wallet submit a ticket and choose report a bug security issue or scam

go their and write a nice paragraph about how they should include 2FA to their services such as how binance have 2FA services such as google authenticator or email authentication or sms phone authentication or a password authentication i’ve seen maybe get their wallet “hacked” and lost all their money because all trust wallet offers is a passcode that only works on your device not if you login in from another device unlike metamask where you have to put a password as well or binance which is the company who owns trust wallet use all the 2FA services i mentioned above i believe many of us bought safemoon using trust wallet so to keep our community safe and all the other people safe please take 5 mins out of your day write a paragraph about how they should add 2FA and let’s not worry about “hackers” getting our precious tokens

thank you for those who do this.

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