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Save 10% on Trezor hardware wallet double packs until May 23.

Pizza Day is celebrated by Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide, as a fun way to commemorate the moment Bitcoin first showed its true potential as a global, permissionless and uncensorable money. At SatoshiLabs, we have long celebrated the day to highlight the community’s irreplaceable role in Bitcoin’s unprecedented success.

This year’s Trezor promotion gives customers the chance to pick up a double pack of hardware wallets and get a 10% discount. This Pizza Day offer is valid from May 20 through May 23 so don’t miss out on grabbing a pair of Trezor Model T or Trezor Model One hardware wallets for a great price.

Trezor Model T Double-pack

Please note that the 10% discount has already been applied to the list price shown on our e-shop, for both bundles.

Why Pizza Day matters

Money is a tool used to assign value to things which are different from one-another. Before 2010, Bitcoin’s value was still a point of speculation. Then a Bitcointalk forum user Laszlo Hanyecz made an open offer to the community: he would pay ten thousand bitcoin to anyone who ordered him two large pizzas. When a fellow user accepted the request and had the pizzas delivered to Laszlo, history was made — the first documented transaction for a real-world service had been completed using Bitcoin.

A quarter-billion dollar pizza?
Laszlo’s critics are quick to point out that, had he simply held onto the coins, he would be incredibly wealthy today. But that’s not necessarily true. At the time, those Bitcoin were worth whatever someone was willing to pay for them — there were few exchanges and none as sophisticated as we have nowadays, so transactions were made between individuals, often in private.

The growth of Bitcoin’s value is largely due to people like Laszlo assigning it a value of their own, and others following suit. Had they not spent their Bitcoin, it may never have achieved the global following it now enjoys. Looking ahead, it is probable that we will see incredulous comments about this month’s sell-off but, in the long-term, Bitcoin makes sense no matter the price.

What can I do with two hardware wallets?

Having access to two wallets is a good idea to offset potential crises that may come in future. Trezors can be enjoyed cold or warm, so consider the advantages of having one device for long-term hodling and a second for everyday spending and authentication.

Freeze funds for later
Slice up your savings and split them across two wallets, one for hodling, one for more frequent use. If you like to trade cryptocurrencies, this can help you stay disciplined about taking profit. Deposit your savings in a wallet stored safely in a vault with limited access, and keep the funds you use more often on the other. This way your funds are kept secure even from your own impulses.

A backup of your backup
If you plan to use your Trezor everyday for authentication and easy access to funds, it’s a good idea to load a second wallet with the same seed. That way, if you lose your main device you can quickly access your funds, generate a new seed and move your savings to safety.

Introduce a friend
Like pizza, Bitcoin is best enjoyed with someone you care about. Hot wallets are great for everyday use, but security is best served cold. With a Trezor hardware wallet, you can safely introduce a friend to the concept of hodling and negate the risks of using exchange or mobile wallets for a long-term investment. Get started with the most user-friendly cold storage solution and savor the peace of mind a Trezor brings you.

Stack safely, store securely

Bitcoin is a long-term investment. Keeping it secure and accessible is the most important thing to do to take advantage of its strong monetary policy. While it is tempting to trade, especially in turbulent markets like we have recently experienced, the likelihood is that a slow, measured growth of bitcoin holdings will be enough to offset inflation and ensure your purchasing power is not eroded over the coming years or decades.

Whether you have ten thousand or one ten-thousandth of a bitcoin, make sure you will be able to access it in the future. Keep your coins safe by using a Trezor hardware wallet. Thanks to our new Trezor Suite desktop app, it has never been easier to manage your investment, enhance your privacy, and ensure any coins you purchase are sent directly into your custody.

Trezor Suite

Pick up a double pack today and you’ll be able to use Trezor Suite to compare rates from trusted exchanges, buy cryptocurrency, and have any purchase immediately secured by a wallet only you have the keys to.

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