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Making it easier and safer to begin using Bitcoin is important. It’s a versatile technology that can be used in many ways, so it’s difficult to know for sure if you’re doing it right. Trezor was created to make Bitcoin simple and safe, right out of the box. Today, it just became easier.

A Trezor hardware wallet is all you need to protect bitcoin, for the long run. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be made simpler. To help get properly set up, users need to understand the value of seeds, PINs, passphrases, and the rest. Tackling that problem head-on, we’ve put together the Trezor Starter Pack: a straightforward bundle for anyone who’s curious about crypto but naturally cautious about getting started.

Trezor Starter Pack

What’s in the pack?

The Trezor Starter Pack is focused on three problems: know-how, security and custody. Let’s quickly go over why each of these concepts are essential to safely investing.

Knowing what to do with cryptocurrency is a big blocker for many people. It’s money, but not in the traditional sense. Unlike a bank account, where a trusted third party (the bank) manages the assets, there is no one controlling it apart from the owner, putting the burden of security on them.

To make sure anyone who wants to buy digital assets like Bitcoin understands the importance and practicalities of securing it, this starter pack includes a specially-made, simple illustrated guide, which will help make sense of the security essentials, step-by-step.

Security is a huge issue for the industry. Cryptocurrencies are a major target of criminals, because they can be difficult to track and impossible to get back once stolen. Rather than a password and SMS-verification which banks depend on, hardware wallets use advanced cryptography to protect your secrets, so your assets remain under your control forever.

The natural choice for this is a Trezor Model One, the world’s first hardware wallet. This is at the heart of the starter pack, solving the problem of security in an incredibly user-friendly device, paired with clear instructions on how to use it.

Finally, most people need to actually own the asset to understand the benefits of individual custody. That’s why the pack comes with a voucher for 10 euros worth of any cryptocurrency of your choosing (we’d pick Bitcoin, of course). It may not seem like much, but for many people it will be the first digital asset they actually have full custody over.

Making mistakes is part of learning, but in conjunction with a secure wallet and instructions, this voucher will be ideal practice for making those first transactions and learning the ropes, and becoming familiar with the technology itself. Given time, it could even grow significantly in value.

To summarize, the Trezor Starter Pack includes the following:
• Trezor Model One hardware wallet
• Seven-step illustrated guide
• Coinify promo code worth €10 of cryptocurrency

How can you redeem the voucher for cryptocurrency?

To make sure you can get started right away, each illustrated leaflet included the Starter Pack is printed with a one-time-use voucher code which is redeemable directly through our partners at Coinify.

This can all be done following the normal Trezor set-up process using Trezor Suite, and then using the Trade tab. Download Trezor Suite from the link below before initiating your Trezor hardware wallet.

Trezor Suite

The steps to redeem the voucher are as follows:

  1. Download, install and launch Trezor Suite, then connect and set up your hardware wallet.
  2. Visit the Trade tab in Trezor Suite, select Buy and search for an offer from Coinify.
  3. Choose a Coinify offer that suits you, register to complete the purchase and redeem your voucher at checkout.
  4. Your coins will be sent directly to your Trezor wallet.
  5. Sleep tight. This is what custody feels like: your coins can never be taken from you, and only you have control over them.

What other resources can help you learn about Bitcoin?

Trezor Blog publishes regular articles about Bitcoin, from beginner topics to expert opinion pieces. Some of our recent articles might help clear up some of the burning questions that newcomers commonly have. Here are just a few, to begin with:

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As one’s interest in Bitcoin grows, it is natural to explore further afield and hear opinions from a variety of sources. This is healthy, but be aware of deliberate attempts to manipulate individuals and markets, and always stay on the lookout for scammers and impersonators.

As you will learn when you receive your starter pack, the most critical step is to not share your seed words with anyone, ever. Bitcoin is a long-term, slow-burning revolution of money — make sure you hold onto yours for as long as you can, and it is all but guaranteed to bring benefits in future.

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