$540M Worth Of ETH Was Liquidated As Traders Bet On Higher Prices

$540M worth of ETH was liquidated with the traders piling in on the world’s second-biggest crypto but the leverage cost them millions so let’s read more in our latest Ethereum news today.

Over the $540M worth of ETH positions liquidated, the data shows that traders were liquidated in all while the biggest single liquidation order that happened was on an ETH trade for $74 million on Huobi. The Liquidations happen when leveraged positions are automatically closed out by the exchanges or brokerages as a safety mechanism. The futures and margin traders who borrow capital from exchanges to place bigger bets only put up a small collateral amount before placing a trade so if the market moves against them, the collateral is fortified and the positions are liquidated.

Yesterday, ETH traders took the brunt of the liquidations and ByBt shows that over $542 million was liquidated with traders betting on higher prices. The traders short on the asset accounted for $275 million while traders that are long on the asset accounted for the remaining.

But how did the longs and the shorts get liquidated? That’s because the traders used high leveraged with a close liquidation price. With the volatile crypto market ranged, both longs and shorts were obliterated. With the charts showing, ETH reached a new high of $3440 before dropping over $350 in the US hours and reached a new low of $3100 on some exchanges. It then regained the $3370 level during the Asian hours. As such, the asset hit the $3300 mark a day ago to set a new all-time high and became more valuable than the US financial institution Bank of America in the process. The move made Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin one of the youngest Billionaires yesterday.

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In the meantime, the traders of other cryptocurrencies saw huge capital losses as well with BTC seeing $449 million in liquidations followed by XRP’s traders with $136 million, DOGE traders with $85 million, and ETC traders with $22 million in liquidations. Over $1.45 billion was liquidated in total.

As such, the asset crossed the $3,300 mark yesterday to set a new all-time high—becoming more valuable than the US financial institution Bank of America in the process. The move also made Ethereum creator and co-founder Vitalik Buterin one of the world’s youngest billionaires yesterday.

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